Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fun in the Sun

While we have been experiencing the most beautiful, warm, sunny weather, I have been making the most of it, creating in the sun.

I have a few different pieces to show you.
First up is just a little black and white ZIA flower bed.
Yo might notice (or not, lol) that I used my own pattern 'Anteek' in the two tall flowers at the back.  

This little angel is brought to you compliments of The Graphics Fairy. I love that site, an amazing selection of images to choose from. I simply ranged away, on and around this little gem. I think she turned out very nicely.

This piece came about because I joined a water colour pencil (wcp) group on Fb.  I have never done much with wcp before this group but I'm glad I joined.  This was the result of the first tutorial. 
I won't show you the final photo of this particular piece, I really wasn't happy with the pen embellishment.  Lol!

Aaaaaand,  last and definitely least is this piece. I used masking fluid and acrylic paint.... DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME!!
I should have know the acrylic would peel off with the fluid and I also knew that I cannot embellish with pen over acrylic paint. A definite dislike for me. 
This sadly ends my journey with acrylic paint. It's over.  Lol!
I'm sticking with what I know and love, my trusty watercolour paints. 

I can't wait to show you my newest venture using masking fluid. A new spin on how I'm using it. 

So, until next then, HAPPY TANGLING! xxx