Monday, June 23, 2014

Post Card Swap

This is the first of 8 post cards I'm doing for a swap. The theme is my home town. I live near a historic little town called Morpeth. There are many little gems to be found here. From chocolate and fudge tasting, the best lolly shop and the most beautiful river, historic buildings and bridge.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

☆~My New Pattern~☆

Here it is, my new pattern. I am naming it 'ANTEEK' because it is a trim pattern around an old (kind of antiquie) semi circle table I acquired a while back.... I feel like it does resemble elements of other patterns like 'Dekore', 'Drip Drop', 'Fancy Nancy', 'Eyehook', 'Retro' and 'Sp-eye'ryl' but is different in so many ways.
I don't know why it has taken me so long to acknowledge this beautiful design.... I have been fiddling with it for a while and come up with these step outs.
This is a wonderful tangle pattern to play with.
I'm kind of addicted to it now. Lol!

And for my Facebook ' Aussie Zentangle Inspired Art group ~ 'Utensils challenge' thanks to Lila Popchef of Poppies Pen Pics I came up with this little gem. Cookie cutters.....

I am quite possibly obsessed with zentangle inspired art, but who can blame me. I hope you enjoy using my new pattern. Would love to see what you come up with. Link back here to my blog if you post it on your blog. Yay!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Oh my dear blog,  I have missed you so. But I'm back..... here are a few bits and pieces I've been up to over the weekend.
I've been working on this 3 piece sequence for a friend of mine. Will be sure to post again when it's complete

The kids and I love to partake in some body art. Look at that unicorn my son drew, he has the artistic flare for sure. 
 This one was done on a gorgeous card sent to me by another artist, Lila Popchef, you should see her work, stunning...
 I found these little post cards at  Kmart this week. Perfect for tangling on.  

On top of all this, I think I have come up with a new tangle. I'm just checking that it doesn't already exist before getting too excited. If it is indeed a new one, I'll be posting in the next day or two so stay tuned.