Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday on the Lake

Of all Sundays to keep memory of.
This one's got to be the best.
Woke up Sunday morning, feeling strangely Happy?
There must have been something in the air, as i am not usually a morning person, grrr..
The weather? Gorgeous, sunny, bright and fresh.
What more could i ask for?
Maybe a million dollars, but thats not possible.
What was possibe though, was to get our hands on a boat........Thats right, we don't own a boat, so we take advantage of other peoples...
Or should i say, another persons. Joe's...(my step father)
As usual Joes grumpy disposition leads us to believe that "No, you can't use MY boat that hasn't felt the water on its tummy since the last time YOU took it out for a run....two years ago.." I see right through his bad mood (which always exsists, but is never really there if you know him well enough) and take the boat in tow.

We head for Speers Point, were theres easy boat acces and a beautiful kids park to top it off.
Hubby, puts the boat in the water while i set up our picnic lunch.

Now its time, Charlie is propped up between his brothers at the front of the boat, Hubby in the back at the ready.
I give them a push and off they go. Immediately Charlies hands cover his ears and he drops his head down between his knees, and squeals with excitement, and keeps doing so, without seeing a thing the whole time.
He seemed to love it even though he couldn't stand the wind and water in his ears and eyes.
Bit like me when i watch Saw, i can hear whats going on, but my eyes are covered the whole time. Its a strange experience, yet still totally staisfying for the senses.
Try it!!

Next thing, there's Dane stripped down to his little red bonds nickers, standing on the edge of the boat with a life jacket around his neck, "NO!" i'm yelling as he leaps off the edge into the water, that is brown with seaweed and who knows what other gunk....
"He's fine" Hubby yells as he turns and heads for the shore. Leaving Dane out there, ALONE.
To my horror, Dane is flopping around out there where i can't reach him. All the while, he's not worried in the slightest.

Now Hubby has to get to shore and drop off Charlie who is screaming to jump into the water himself, and get back out to Dane before the current takes him.
OMG, you wouldn't beleive that next thing, Jacob is up on the edge of the boat and YEP, He's going in the drink to save Dane.

What happens next is the most classic of all.
Jacob stands up and the water is only waist high, BAHAHAhaha!!!
Dane then stands up!!!! Noone was in any danger at all. But i have never been so scared in my life....

The kids enjoyed their swim, Charlie enjoyed throwing pebbles and feeding seagulls.
After its all said and done. I managed to cake enough sunscreen on all the kids to turn them albino.
But forgot all about Hubby and Myself. We're burnt to a crisp!!!!