Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mixed Media

I have been watching a lot of mixed media videos on YouTube (especially the Gelli Arts channel). I've been inspired to try new things.

I made a gelli plate and did some prints on sticky tape (sounds weird but turned out really well.
I rubbed some silver leaf onto the sticky parts on the back of the tape then stuck it to another piece of paper I had already done some food colouring and glad wrap on with some masking fluid.
Then the drawing started, I found that white gel pen turns out beautifully on top of the tape.

I then decided to use the Gelli plate to do some reverse stamping. Lol! I layered the paint down and stamped onto some old cards I had lying around. I kept layering more and more paint with different patterns and stamped and ghost stamped away.
This is the Gelli plate. Such a great medium to work with